Church Boutique Nha Tho, Hotel in Hanoi City

7:11 PM, Saturday, Jun 25th 2016
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Church Boutique Hotel Nha Tho

The centre of Catholicism in Hanoi is the beautifully dilapidated neo-Gothic, St Joseph’s Cathedral. Built in the early days of the colony at the expense of a revered pagoda that was demolished in the name of France's mission civilisatrice, St Joseph’s opened its doors to worshippers in 1886. Many of the buildings in and around the area were built in the service of the cathedral in the late 19th century. Built as Presbytery House, the hotel was one of Old Quarter’s first edifications of the Cathedral – converted into a hotel in 2002 set the standard for hotels that followed. Ten years later, after undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation, this is Old Quarter’s newest boutique hotel. The original Church Boutique Hotel Nha Tho is a sanctuary of sumptuous dining, and self-indulgent relaxation, on the heart of the Old Quarter. (Google Map)

Eco-friendly Operations - Green initiatives have been implemented throughout the hotel including a key card activated energy systems in rooms.

Church Boutique Hotel 's Corporate Responsibility is minimize waste and use eco-friendly products is our commitment to promoting our strong position in protecting the environment. A great effort has been put in place to avoid wasting our valuable resources by implementing energy efficiency lighting system throughout the hotel, linen and water conservation scheme. 

Hanoi Church Boutique Nha Tho, Church Boutique Nha Tho  HanoiHanoi Church Boutique Nha Tho, Church Boutique Nha Tho  Hanoi



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